Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wall Art

I am designing a girls bedroom. It's a small room that has a strange layout.
I need to fit two beds, a desk and a shelving unit for all their books.
My challenge it to fit everything in a 8X9 feet room and have it fun and functional.
As you can imagine this can become a crowded room if you are doing it wrong.
I solved the layout problem by using a bunk bed. I also found a cute desk for homework.
Now that I solved the functional part, it's time to move to the fun decorative part and put it all together.

The girls are young, 6 and 3 years old. This room (as you read in my previous post) needs to have the ability  to grow as they grown and fit their needs.
But they are young, they love princesses. They will "hate" it in a couple of years, but they love it now - so what do I do???

I decided to use Wall Stickers.
OMG - The variety! The colors! so many options - for boys, for girls, for adults - I love it!

In a year or two when they outgrow it, we just need to peel it. If they want they can put something else, if not that's fine too.

So this time I decided to keep it the walls 'clean'. I painted it in a neutral cream color, and integrate the princesses using the stickers and a framed art.

This can also be applied in a bedroom, a play room, even the kitchen and the living room.

There is a huge selection for the stickers.
Big - small, chalk, you can even design your own. Worth a try in any room.

Till next time,

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