Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My new Chandelier Or how to choose a Chandelier

A Chandelier can make any room, especially a dining room. It adds character, atmosphere and elegance. How will you know which one to choose?!

Before you go shopping there are a few things you need to consider.

First, is the size of the your room.
For example for a room smaller than 10X10 feet a 17-20 inch diameter chandelier should be fine. For a bigger room, for example 14X14 feet a 24-36 inch diameter chandelier would look right.

Second thing to consider is the chandelier's size in relative to your dining room table. A chandelier should be approximately 1 feet narrower than the width of the table which you plan on hanging it above. Make sense, right?! 

You should not have a conflict with the sizes, as I am assuming the table you are using is in proportion to the room (if not let me know and I'll help you).

If there is something that drives me crazy when entering a room, is that it's not well lit. That brings me to the next criteria -  the amount of light your chandelier produces.
There is a simple equation for calculating the "amount of light" needed for a room (voltage). It's the length and width of the room multiplied together. The result multiply again by 1.5. This number should be matched with any chandelier you choose. Add all the voltage of all the bulbs in the chosen chandelier and match the desired number.
If you have less voltage, that means your chandelier will not be producing enough light to light your room.***

Room Length X Room Width X 1.5 < Sum (light bulb voltage)

If you have additional light source in the room, you probably do not need to worry but if you don't, start multiplying...
Some chandelier produce enough light but the light bulbs are covered with dark shades which kind of miss the purpose, so keep an eye on this thing too.

Quick tip - Have your electrician install a dimmer, that way you can control the amount of light.

In a separate dining room you can choose whatever you want. In an open dining room you want to consider the design style of the entire space. Usually the chandelier is part of light fixture family, try using the fixtures for the room from the same family to get a unified look.

Now that you have that information you can go browse the stores.
Check a few stores and see what appeals to you (please ignore the price, at least for now, as there are so many options, you might find that the most expensive ones do not appeal to you). 
Think of your style and the style of your room. We all have different taste, different design visions, use the chandelier to make a statement.

When thinking of a formal room will you can consider crystals or something more traditional.
In a modern room you have more freedom, you can go with whatever you feel like.
But every rule can be broken, so if your house is traditional and you feel like adding a contemporary twist... be my guest :-)
You found the one?!  That's wonderful.
Remember, when installing it try to set it at the center above the dining table and have it hang about 30" above the surface of the table to insure no one will bump his/her head it in (This height is for an 8 foot ceiling, raise the fixture 3 inches higher for each additional foot of ceiling height).

Till next time,

*** Calculating the voltage - Example:

Room Length X Room Width X 1.5 < Sum (light bulb voltage)

A room is 10 ft.x12 ft. (10x12 = 120). Then multiply 120x1.5 = 180 watts. That means a 5-light chandelier using 40-watt bulbs would give 200 watts, which is even more light than needed.


  1. can u help me decide... 4 a rectangular dining roon wt shapeof a chandelier should i choose... circular or square shaped?

  2. Dear Zeenab,
    I wish I had a simple answer for you. For a rectangular dining room different types of Chandeliers can work. You need to consider not just the shape of the room but also it's style.
    Please send me a photo of your room and I will try and guide you some more.
    Tali Design

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