Friday, March 16, 2012

Planning and Designing a child's bedroom

Last time we discuses colors in a child's bedroom, which is for me the fun part.
But before we are getting down to business and starting to paint, we need to figure out how we are designing the room and what is our goal.
(I am not dealing with the budget at this point we will have a different discussion on it.)

When designing a child's bedroom we need to remember that the room needs to be Fun, Functional and Safe.

Fun: The "fun" concept is divided into two. One is 'colorful and child-like', which we discussed last time.
Fun and practical
Second is having some kind of a play area for them in the room. Depending on the child's age and needs. Even if we do not plan for the kids to play there, this is something we cannot avoid and must consider. My kids have a huge play area in another room, but sometimes they only want to play in their room.
The play area you design, should have the ability to easily be modified as they grow older. Infants may only need an area rug, toddlers a play table, older kids may have different needs. Which brings me to the next criteria in designing the room.

Functional:  Besides sleeping, try and think what other functions will this room be serving? When answering those questions, plan ahead for 3-5 year.
Is he\she only going to sleep there? Is this the only  place I want them to play? 
Will this room going to be shared with other siblings? 
For older kids, will they be doing their homework there too? Do they need a desk for just homework or also a place for a computer? Are they playing on a music instrument? How much space does it take? Will they have sleepovers? if so you may want to consider to invest in an under-bed truckle, and so on and so forth.

Functional is also using durable and easy to clean materials.
Storage can be in different ways
Children will spill, draw on things (not always on the paper), may have an accident, etc... Any furniture that you are considering make sure the covers can be easily wiped or has the option to be remove and wash. 
When I am designing a child's bedroom, I use an area rug so it can be sent for cleaning; paint the walls in a paint that can be washed, so their hand prints will not permanently stay on the wall (unless it's part of my design).

Storage - Kid's room needs a lot of storage. When they are young, it's their diapers and all other accessories. As they get older it's their own things that they accumulate and become attached to (aren't we all). and of course T-O-Y-S!
Storage comes in verity of ways. The obvious storage options are toy box, drawers for their crayons, shelves and a closet. 
When thinking of storage consider the hidden option as well. Storage chest under their bed, (window bay) bench for a hidden storage, display shelves for their art work and more. 

Safe: When our kids are in their bedroom we want to make sure they are safe. Safe to be themselves and express themselves but also be in a safe room. When designing their room make sure to design it with "safety" in mind.  Do the windows have a lock and a window guard (storm screens cannot prevent falling)?  Are the outlets covered? Is the furniture mounted to the wall (especially for the young adventurous that likes climbing on the furniture)? Are there locks on the doors? Can I take a way the keys or should I replace the locks? 
After you have all your answers we can start putting the room together (Can't do it all at once). 
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