Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bathroom Design - Updating from 1940s to Today

My latest design was a kids bathroom.
As you can see at the before images, the bathroom was from the 1940s. Still functioning but dated.
The client wanted me to transform it into a "nice clean design" bathroom "with kids in mind".  A bathroom that can be used by both the children and the occasional house guests.

My challenge was to keep the design clean using warn colors, with kids in-mind.

At my design I managed to utilize the sink and toilet. Kept the layout as is (to reduce cost) but did make a few changes in the layout of the electric outlet heat duct and ventilation.

At the original design, the air duct was located above the shower head. What made people that used the shower freeze the second they turned off the water. We moved the duct to the center of the ceiling above the toilet.

Another change was an up-to-code electric outlet. The light fixture above the medicine cabinet was replaced and we added a light above the bathtub.
Last but not least, was a vent that was added to allow ventilation when not using the window.

The kids reaction when we reveled the bathroom was - WOW...
What do you think of the final product?

Before pictures



After pictures

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