Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Milan Design Week 2012

This week is Milan Design week, all the new and innovating designs can be found there.
I have no plan on critiquing what is there (everyone else already did it for me), I just wanted to point out some of my favorite designs. Some can be used in your rooms and some, as I prefer to describe, are Piece of Art.

Lets start with the Art.

Here is Knobbly sofa and chair designed by Belgian designer Maarten De Ceulaer. Will I have it in my designed living rooms, I think not. Do I think it's special?! Hell yeah!

Do you think it's comfortable?

Chilean studio Great Things to People present this lamp covered in alpaca hair. Will I want it in my dining room?! I think not. But it is a piece of art and it is one of a kind.

A fire hazard?! maybe.
And now for the useful pieces.
First, you can find The "giant version of the Cubebot toys" - the designer David Weeks has teamed up with Belgian design brand Quinze & Milan to present this amazing piece that can easily integrate in any family room. 

A piece of art that can easily integrate in a family room.
Moving on to industrial designer Tom Dixon and his Etch Weba lamp that comprises a large round shade made up of pentagons that cast geometric shadows over surrounding surfaces.

Dramatic light

Last but not least, my favorite,  Emma Elizabeth Marble rugs. Look amazing in any room!

Is it really a rug?!

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