Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Child's bedroom - Where to place the bed

In a child's bedroom the bed is the largest and most important piece to place, therefore we should consider it's location very carefully.

So our million dollar question is where to place it???

We, as parents, want our children to be well rested so they are ready for the day. The location of the bed can affect that.
When placing a bed, locate it so the child will feel "safe and comfortable"  in his/her sleep.
What do I mean by "safe and comfortable" ? Of course they are safe at their own home and comfortable when they are in their own bed, the best bed!

So, let me explain. Imagine your child laying in bed. If him/her are able to see whoever enters the room - they are "safe".
When they are sleeping (the room is dark) and you open the door to check that all is well, the light should not get in their face and wake them up - they are "comfortable". 

Now that you got the idea of it, let me be more specific and set some guidance.

    The first guidance that you should consider is the "safe and comfortable" avoid placing the in front of the door. In some cultures, they say to avoid positioning the bed in a way the feet pointing directly at the door. Why? because when you lay down and your feet are facing the door, it is like a dead body carried out of the room through the open door... Creepy, I agree but do you want to try it now?! I don't thinks so.  

    Fang Shui takes bed positioning very seriously.  In a nutshell, you should position the child's bed in the area further from the door or diagonally from the door (the "safe" rule), but not in line with it ("dead body" myth). Avoid sharp angles pointing to it like corners of other furniture or even books pointing directly at the child's bed.

    For a nursery - when considering the location of a crib, try to avoid placing it on an outside facing wall, especially a wall with a window. Babies need to be in a control temperature environment and placing the crib on these walls may affect their body temperature.
BTW - I would avoid putting a kid's bed under a window as well for safety issue.

Here are some layout examples that might help you.

Correct placements for a child's bed

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