Thursday, July 12, 2012

Too funny designs

Who said Interior design needs to be so serious. Sometimes when we go back home from our busy and stressful day we want to go to a relaxing, fun & yet sometimes funny, home.

I gathered here some fun designs for your inspiration or just to make you laugh 

This is a funny & creative shelving unit, you can use the middle area as a bench, or just keep the skeleton. 

This is cool and funny penguin mirror motifs incorporated in a very serious design.
With the selection of these furniture and color pallet and adding the penguin twist, the room becomes more fun and yet elegant.

Who said furniture need to be in standard geometric shapes?! Here is a great example for a fun drawer unit. 
Perfect for any room, not just the kids room.

This is a funny chair design. A very unique look designed by Lila Jang.  This chair can also be used as a bed.

Last but not least, my favorite outdoor chairs, here I think the image can do the talking.

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