Thursday, July 12, 2012

Interior Design Going Green

Going Green is not just a phase, it is here to stay. More and more are growing their own herbs & vegetables, buying organic and looking for a way to incorporate green in their homes. At this post I am trying to share simple rules to help you  have your house more eco-friendly.

eco friendly paint
When Going Green, use the known "Reuse - Renew - Recycle" rule. 

Reuse furniture by having pieces repainted with non-toxic paint. Reupholster your furniture with organic textile.
When you decide to replace your furniture or appliance, check the option of donating it to charity.

Plant Chandelier
For your carpet, look for the ones made out of natural fiber, like organic grown cotton, jute, sisal, sea grass or 100% sustainable New Zealand wool.
For your walls, use PVC-free wallpaper and blinds, and low or zero VOC paints.

When picking up new appliances, look for the Energy Star, which means this machine is energy efficient. The same is with your light bulbs, replaced your light bulbs with light bulbs that marked with the Energy Star, they use 75% less energy and produce less heat that the regular ones.

The Tonecoon chair is made of renewable water
hyacinth which is wrapped around its frame
Install low-flow shower-heads and faucets to reduce your water consumption. If you don't want to change the fixture, try this easy fix - add an aerator, which screw on to the end of the faucet, mixing air with water, they don't reduce the water pressure but will reduce the flow and save you water and money.  

For new toilet, try and get the low-flow dual-flush toilet, that allows you to select between two flow amounts - one for liquids and the other for more solid waste.

Recycled metal wire flower platters by Shiraleah 
Look for accessories that are environment friendly. Accessories as well as furniture can be found that are made from organic materials, hand made, and also made with recycled materials. More and more can be found that are green and gorgeous.

And for the final touch, place live plants around your house. They help clean the air. Try to avoid the dozen roses from the store, They are usually pesticide-sprayed roses, which are toxic and exploit workers. 

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