Monday, June 18, 2012

Living room design with kids in mind

As a mom for three young children, I always concerned for my kids' safety.
As an Interior Designer, I always consider how my house looks.
Do the two have to conflict? Not necessarily.

I remember as a teenager I used to baby-sit my neigh borer's two young children.
Their mom collected antiques. I remember whenever I came to stay with the kids, the rules were very streaked "Kids can only play in their room and eat in the kitchen".
The kids knew the rules and were terrified to break them.

My parents, on the other hand were very easy going. My siblings and I could hang wherever we wanted as long as we are safe.

At my house there is a balance (I hope) between the two approaches.
My Living room is sophisticated enough for adults and still safe for young children.

How can you accomplish that? place something in your living room that your kids know they can touch.
That way, when they are in the room it's not all "off limit" for them.
I once designed a room where there is a special drawer in this beautiful antique table, all filled with the toddler's toys. She loved it and the room still looked clutter free.

Coffee Table with Accessories that are kids' friendly

Of course if you have a big house and you can have two living spaces, one more kids friendly and one formal there is no problem for you, but just in case you don't there is a solution.

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  1. Adam's studio. I love the colour it adds to the room, but I can't decide if the coffee table needs something a wee bit bigger. What do you think Hammary Baja